restaurant - marketing tip
How to attract guests to your food!

Marketing tips for Restaurants.

Having an online presence in Today’s Digital World is imperative for all business owners, especially if you are in the restaurant industry. And I know at times it can be hard coming up with great content for your loyal fans, so here are some #RestaurantMarketingTips that will help get the ball rolling.⁣

🍝 Create a hashtag that is specific to your business and put it on your menu and/or table tents in order for your customers to get into the habit of using them when they visit. It’s great for you also because you get to see/hear what people are saying about your business. You can do this by searching for your specific hashtag on Instagram and all their posts will show up⁣

🍲 Make sure that your SEO game is strong because if you are not showing up (Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Instagram) when people are searching for your type of restaurant, you won’t get any business. Update your website and verify that everything is up to date. SEO can also be picked up from your IG Bio so make certain that you use it effectively.⁣

🍜 A lot of people like to check a restaurant’s menu online before going to lunch or dinner, so it is imperative that your website is easy to navigate and that the menu items are easily accessible.⁣

🍕 Don’t be afraid to have contests and gift card giveaways. Customers love this and it’s another way for their friends to learn more about you because you are having your customers like, comment and share your posts.⁣

🌮 We are in the influencers and affiliate era, so use it to your advantage. Thus, adding on to number 4, think about having an “influencer marketing program”. I’m sure that your loyal customers already love taking pictures of your food, so why not reward them with a monthly gift card or (get creative), so that they can keep recommending your establishment to their friends and anyone else they meet. ⁣

Try these tips and let me know how they are working for you! Until next time.