What is your Marketing Strategy?


Having an effective Marketing Strategy is an imperative part of your business. Many of us rely on the 4 P’s of the marketing mix to get the job done. But what if I told you that incorporating the 4 C’s would be more efficient because you are shifting the focus from your own needs to putting your customer’s needs first.

The four C’s are:

1. Customer’s wants and needs (vs. Products)

2. Cost to buy (vs. Price)

3. Convenience (vs. Place)

4. Communication (vs. Promotion)


Think about the value that your business or product is offering, what problem is it solving and how can you maintain that open communication with your customers.

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Branding Checklist

Are you just starting out or are you in the rebranding process?


Check out this simple checklist ✅

🔸Make sure you define the authentic vision of your brand.
🔸Define your ideal Client.
🔸 It’s important to work with a design to create a logo that fits the vision for your brand.
🔸Create a color palette and establish consistent fonts.
🔸Your social media presence is imperative. Build a consistent online presence.
🔸Incorporate your brand identity on your website.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Use this checklist and you are well on your way!